Feeling Lost in Life???

Hello to all of you and I hope you are all doing oh so swell!

  I wanted to pop on here and have a lil chit chat about life :-) So as you all know I’m still a stressed out college student just trying to get a degree. Forcing myself to wake up, drowning myself with coffee to liven up, stressing to the max with work, focusing on self care, going to bed and repeating… I sometimes feel that I don’t even know wtf I’m doing in life! It’s all repetitive right now and so I think to myself… when will I be able to start my book. When will I be able to turn the page and start a new chapter? We all want to succeed, right? But when are we going to get the opportunity to do so?!?!?


I swear I used to stress about life almost everyday because I was doing the same things over and over again with what felt like little to NO progress at all ~ until.... I had found a passion of mine that truly brought out the best in me. Yes, I still focused on school and my studies, but I realized that I shouldn't be stressing so much over those that don't bring joy into my world... Life is to short to stress so much! I had learned to make time for what truly matters. Can y’all guess what that is? LOL! It is my overall wellness. From my previous experiences, I have found a true passion of health and fitness. I began working out everyday for at-least an hour because the gym is honestly….my stress reliever. Walking into the gym, throwing my bulky, UNAPPEALING, bose headphones on and just jamming to music is my medicine to getting through stressful times. Now, not only did I focus on my physical strengths, but I also focused on my mental health as well and when doing that...I had really found what causes me to be the best I can be! So what about y’all?” What do you find yourself always wanting to pursue? What pushes you to be your best you?! Now, you might not know what truly interests you because you might be struggling with finding yourself and haven’t been giving the opportunity yet. I am here to tell y'all that that is perfectly okay! Truth is… we have ALL struggled and may still be! With whatever that may be… finding self happiness, school and stress, staying confident, or anything… we ALL struggle. So, I am here to remind you that if you are stressed or feeling lost in life with what you want to do, just remember this - Take it one day at a time. Live life one day at a time and live in the moment ladies and gents. Each day that you live in the moment, you will begin to realize and pick out those smaller things that really interest you in life. Life is way to short to simply go through the motions! From there, you should set some time to focus on those things! Find your medicine and create a passion out of it. Now time to clean my apartment :/ #adultingishard

Have a gorgeous rest of your day and remember to focus on what pushes you to be your best !!



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