In a funk? Needing a motivational pick me up!?

👋🏽👋🏽 Helllo!

So lately, I have been in an extreme funk. I mean I was so lazy, unmotivated, unproductive and simply lost... Anyone else felt that way before?? And, if y'all are aware I do like always being on the Go Go Go, so whenever I get into the funks I just get down on myself and start to panic. I begin to worry that I won't be able to hop back onto my feet and get my sh**t together. Or that I wont be able to lead by example if i'm just slumping it around and doing nothing. But, i'm here to tell you that it is POSSIBLE to hop back on your feet ! 😁 (By the way, I just found out that I can put emojis in these blogs so please excuse my excessive use of them)

Trust me when I say that this is NOT the first time I have been tested throughout life and have found myself stuck in one of these. It does happen every now and then. Being a college student is hard at times! I mean i'm a girl studying to be a physical therapist, trying to start a personal training biz, and making time for myself and friends, which is a tricky task to handle at such a young age! I'm always wanting to enjoy time for myself and friends, but then find myself worrying about starting my business & studying. I find that when I begin to regret spending time for myself/friends and panic about studying, I begin to enter these unmotivated moods. Soooo what do I do? It's called BALANCE and POSITIVE VIBES🤩

I will tell you that BALANCE is extremely important when hoping to stay out of these funks, and/or hopping back on your feet. I have found out that if I balance out my time with work, friends and myself that I am in a more productive and energized state of mind which is the way we NEED to be! Yes, work is important but so is focusing on self-love 💗 Go hang with your friends! Go grab yourself some coffee! Go spoil yourself a bit! If it helps reduce stress....then is OKAY to do that! 


Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and positive energy does help keep you on your feet! Those who only want the best out of you and are constantly pushing you to be your best you are those who you want to keep around and believe me when I say that! Toxic vibes are your WORST nightmare and they will only prevent you from thriving. Those people who don't push you to be yourself or don't encourage you to do those things that you absolutely LOVE are no bueno! So STAY CLEAR. "But how will I know if they are toxic?" Oh, you will know! There are those people that you just can't seem to keep a good relationship with. They are constantly trying to tear you apart, they are physically and mentally draining, and are only see the good in themselves! You'll know.

But, the most important thing to remember is to keep living your life the way YOU choose! Focus on balancing your personal life with your work and fully living that lively and energetic life with those who only promote positivity! Neglect the negatives, promote the positives and you'll be back on your feet in no time😍 YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!! 

Now, I'm onto my second coffee and I better get out of Starbucks before I get kicked out from drinking too much espresso 😂 Love you all and thank you so much for the support💛


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