Launching My Dream!

Hello! Hi!
I am soooo unbelievably excited about what I have just done!  As a busy fitness and wellness coach & Exercise Science Major, I have just designed my very first ever fitness-oriented website!  
Ever since a young age, fitness has been a huge part of my life.  Actually - let’s call it a passion!  I grew up playing soccer at a very competitive level and have been involved in many other physical activities, but never really focused on overall WELLNESS until about a year ago.   Sure, I could run and lift and head to the gym like a lot of us do often.   But- it’s the total health and nutrition awareness (along with that fitness) that can really change our lives.
Another passion of mine is helping others (like YOU) & sharing what I’ve learned in order to be the best you can be.  Spreading awareness of the importance of one’s overall wellness has most definitely become the main focus in my life.
Creating this website is a HUGE step - because this now means that I can share my personal fitness journey with y’all, hoping to impact many of you, and give you the motivation needed to better yourselves as well! 
Ready?  We’ll have some fun working together to reach your goals!   I’ll be here with you every step of the way ☺ Let’s grow together!
This is also my very first blog… EVER!   How am I doing?  I guess we will see within my future blogs ☺  Have a great day!

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