For those who are new around here, my name is Karli Thul and I’m extremely devoted to health and fitness focusing on total personal development through training, nutrition, and evolving into that person you wish to become!!! I strive to help everyone who is looking to better themselves from the inside and out and live their fullest and healthiest lifestyles! I mean we all can use a little motivation, right? Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast in a rut - or have your ass glued to the couch, hoping to execute a change for yourself- I am here to help! 



Have you ever felt as if you lost control of your life? You are simply coasting on autopilot until something 'good' comes your way? Or until the RIGHT time comes in order to make the change for yoruself?

Projektyou was created to inspire others to WANT to prioritize themselves and acheive abundance in all aspects of life. It can sure get easy to lose control and coast on autopilot and live each day as its just another day in your life, but we hope to help YOU redirect your focus, feel less of an imposter in your own skin and feel your best self - mentally & physically. 

Think of it this way - just pause and think of yourself as a science experiment. What all do you need in order to get the best outcome? The best grade? You will do anything it takes to get the best grade you can get. Now, you must believe that you are not any different than that experiment. YOU should always be working towards being your BEST PROJEKT!

With the help of fitness, nutrition & a little self prioritization, Projektyou wishes to help you find your footing, take back control and feel like yourself again!

And.... it is nice building the body you have always wanted too ;) 

Wishing to put YOU first? Wishing to find yourself again - but not sure how? We are here to get you to where you wish to be - inside & out.

ItsProjektyou…. Always...

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