Meet Coach Karli


For those who are new around here, my name is Karli Thul and I’m extremely devoted to health and fitness focusing on total personal development through training, nutrition, and evolving into that person you wish to become! I strive to help everyone who is looking to better themselves from the inside and out and live their fullest and healthiest lifestyles! I mean we all can use a little motivation, right? Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast in a rut - or have your ass glued to the couch, hoping to execute a change for yourself- I am here to help!
When it comes to health and fitness, many of us struggle with beginning a new chapter in life and may feel lost when getting started. Believe me - I totally get it! When seeking to live a healthier lifestyle, it is hard to know exactly what to do and better yet how to do it! Walking into a gym can be overwhelming! Plus - it’s extremely hard keeping motivated to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically - and might even cause us to feel negatively about ourselves. We may feel “gross,” “disgusted,” or not beautiful, which is absolutely FALSE! And this is where I come in... to help you change those negative feelings you may be feeling. I stress to all of you- YOU are always your BEST project!
Think of it this way - just pause and think of yourself as a science experiment. What all do you need in order to get the best outcome? The best grade? You will do anything it takes to get the best grade you can get. You want it to be better than best and when you turn that project it, you feel so extremely proud that your name is signed to it. OKAY GREAT! Now, you must believe that you are not any different than that experiment. YOU should always be working towards being your BEST PROJECT! So - What do you want to improve to feel your very best? You push yourself each and everyday to living that lifestyle you want and reaching those goals you desire!
My hope is to give you all motivation and support to keep you up and running each and everyday to build a better you! Your health and overall wellness is my number one priority and I’m here to help you do whatever it takes to get you to feel confident, powerful, beautiful….and be YOUR BEST YOU!
xx, Karli